An infiltration cannula is a medical tool used in various procedures, primarily in the field of plastic surgery and dermatology. Its main purpose is to administer local anesthesia or tumescent solution into the targeted area of the body. This solution helps numb the area, constrict blood vessels, and facilitate easier extraction or manipulation of tissues during surgical procedures.

The infiltration cannula plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety and comfort during various surgical and dermatological interventions by enabling effective local anesthesia administration and tissue manipulation.

 You can get the complete Infiltration Cannula series from Alira Med devices ,which is designed for precision, optimal infusion control and patient safety.

Types of Infiltration Cannulas

  1. Tumescent Infiltrator

    These cannulas are designed for precise infiltration of tumescent solution. Usually, tumescent infiltration cannulas are available in angled and straight forms to meet a variety of surgical requirements.
    Alira med devices have a comprehensive series of tumescent infiltration cannulas including the following:

    • Tumescent Infiltrator Bayonet
    • Tumescent Infiltrator Angled
    • Tumescent Infiltrator Straight


  2. Dissector Cannula

    These surgical infiltration cannulas, with their V-shaped design, are ideal for constructing tunnels and separating tissue layers during surgeries.
    There are various types of dissector infiltration cannulas according to specific surgical needs. Fortunately, your trusted Alira med has almost all types of dissector infiltration cannulas. Such as Toledo Dissector Cannula, V shaped Dissector Cannula-Port less and V shaped Dissector Cannula-single port

  3. Liposuction Cannula

    Liposuction infiltration cannulas are specifically designed for liposuction treatments. These surgical infiltration cannulas come with varied tip shapes and lengths to ensure efficient fat removal while minimizing harm to surrounding tissues.
    At Alira med devices there are multiple types of Liposuction infiltration cannulas. Such as:

    • Liposuction Cannula – Two Lateral Upper Holes, One Central Lower Hole
    • Liposuction Cannula – Half Cut Tip 6mm


  4. Cobra Cannula

    These are special surgical infiltration cannulas with their unusual curled design mimicking a cobra’s hood. Cobra infiltration cannulas are adept at navigating small crevices and reaching those tricky areas that regular straight cannulas may find difficult to access.
    Multiple options for cobra infiltration cannulas are available at Alira. Such as;

    • Ramirez Cobra Cannula
    • Cobra Cannula – Beveled Tip
    • Cobra Cannula– Round Tip


Materials used in Alira’s Medical Infiltration Cannulas

Surgical Infiltration cannulas from Alira’s are completely risk-free because these infiltration cannulas are constructed using surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring outstanding performance and durability. This material is known for its resistance to corrosion, accuracy, and strength, making it ideal for frequent sterilization and demonstrating Alira’s dedication to quality and safety.

Why to Choose Alira’s Infiltration Cannulas

Alira is the perfect spot for buying infiltration cannulas, as our products are tried, tested and recommended by experienced medical professionals. Our skilled team is well aware of the sensitivity regarding medical or surgical tools and devices, especially surgical infiltration cannulas.

Here are some of the reasons to choose our surgical infiltration cannulas;

  1. Quality of Material

    Our infiltration cannulas are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring superior durability, and rust-free performance. Our infiltration cannula series is reliable in surgical settings.
  2. Availability in Maximum Variations

    Alira offers a wide range of choices in infiltration cannulas, including tumescent infiltrators, dissector cannulas, liposuction cannulas, and more, to meet the different needs of surgeons.
  3. Nationwide Availability

    Our surgical infiltration cannulas are widely available throughout the United States, ensuring timely delivery to healthcare facilities when they are most required.
  4. Qualified Professional Endorsement

    Highly qualified medical professionals utilize and endorse Alira’s infiltration cannulas, demonstrating their quality, efficacy, and safety in clinical practice.
  5. Innovative Design

    Our infiltration cannulas are precision and innovatively designed to improve procedure efficiency and patient comfort.
  6. Commitment to Excellence

    Alira’s infiltration cannulas meet the greatest levels of performance, dependability, and patient care with their unwavering dedication to quality and safety.
  7. Friction-Free Application

    Alira’s infiltration cannulas are designed for patient safety and comfort, offering smooth edges and ergonomic designs for a friction-free application, enhancing surgical outcomes.