Breast Augmentation Instrument Set

Knife Handle No. 3 (1)
Halsted Mosquito Forceps, curved (4)
Metzenbaum Scissors, SC, curved (1)
Gorney Freeman Scissors, SC, curved (1)
Mayo Scissors, straight (1)
Iris Scissors, TC, straight (1)
Yankauer Suction Tube (1)
Frazier Suction Tube, 12 FR (1)
Adson Dressing Forceps (1)
Adson Tissue & Suture Forceps, 1 x 2 teeth w/tying platform (1)
Brown-Adson Forceps, 9 x 9 teeth (1)
Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2 teeth (1)
Dressing Forceps, serrated (1)
Freeman Areola Marker, 38mm (1)
Freeman Areola Marker, 42mm (1)
Freeman Areola Marker, 45mm (1)
Freeman Areola Marker, 50mm (1)
McKissock Breast Marker, 38mm, Keyhole pattern (1)
McKissock Breast Marker, 42mm, Keyhole pattern (1)
McKissock Breast Marker, 45mm, Keyhole pattern (1)
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, TC (1)
Webster Needle Holder, TC, smooth jaws (1)
Halsey Needle Holder, TC, smooth jaws (1)
McKissock Mammaplasty Caliper (1)
Flexible Ruler (1)
Spatula Breast Dissector (1)
Walther Sound 32FR (1)
Silverstein Breast Dissector (1)
Joseph Hook, sharp (2)
Senn Retractor, sharp (1)
US Army Retractor, 2/set (1)
Freeman Retractor, 4 prong, 7/8” (1)
Pediatric Ribbon Retractor, malleable (1)
Ferreira Fiber Optic Retractor (1)
Deaver Fiber Optic Retractor (1)
TBTS Fiber Optic Retractor, with teeth (1)

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Breast Augmentation Instrument Set

SKU BAP-S00 Category

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