Knee Set

Scalpel Handle #3, 12cm, 10-18 Blades, With Cm Graduation (2)
Scalpel Handle #4, 12.5cm, 20-26 Blades, With Cm Graduation (1)
Scalpel Handle #7, 12cm, 10 Blades, With Cm Graduation (1)
Lister Bandage Scissors, 20cm, Standard (1)
Mayo Noble Dissecting Scissors, 20cm, Straight, Tc (2)
Mayo Noble Dissecting Scissors, 17cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Forceps, 16cm, Curved, Serrated (2)
Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Forceps, 20cm, Curved, Serrated (4)
Crile Wood Needle Holder, 15cm, Standard, Smooth (4)
Crile Wood Needle Holder, 15cm, Tc, Serrated (4)
Allis Tissue Forceps, 15cm, 4 x 5 Teeth (2)
Weitlaner Self Retaining Retractor, 13.5cm, 3 x 4 Prongs Sharp (2)
Downing Cartilage Knife Double Guarded, 25.5cm, Concave Shape (1)
Smillie Meniscus Hook Retractor, 14.5cm, 12x13mm Tip (1)
Dingman Bone Holding Forceps, 18cm, Light Pattern (1)
Key Elevator, 18cm, Width 1/8″ (1)
Key Elevator, 21cm, Width 1/4″ (1)
Adson Elevator Sharp, 16.5cm, Curved, 7mm Blades (1)
Miller-Colbourne Bone File, Tc, Double Sided, 18cm, Type Downward (1)
Martin Cartilage Tetonomy Scissors, 20.5cm, PC Gold (1)
Freer Raspatory Elevator, 19cm, Width 5mm, S/B (1)
Backhaus Towel Clamp, 9cm (6)

Smillie Meniscus Knife, 17cm, Straight, 7.8mm Width (1)
Smillie Meniscus Knife, 17cm, Curved Left, 7.8mm Width (1)
Smillie Meniscus Knife, 17cm, Curved Right, 7.8mm Width (1)
Frazier Suction Tube, 18cm, With Light Guide (1)
US Army Retractor, 21.5cm, Insulated (1)
Israel Retractor, 22.5cm, Standard,  4 Prong Blunt (2)
Israel Retractor, 22.5cm, Insulated,  6 Prong Blunt (2)
Senn Miller Retractor, 16cm, Sharp Prong (2)
Metzenbaum Scissors, 14.5cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Adson Brown Forceps, 12cm, Tc (2)

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Knee Set

SKU KSP-S00 Category

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