Major Nasal Set (Used with Basic Nasal Set)

Steel Ruler, With Inches & CM Graduation, 15cm (1)
Nelson Mezenbaun Scissors, 23cm, Curved, Standard (1)
Metzenbaum Scissors, 14.5cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Crile Wood Needle Holder, 15cm, Standard, Smooth (1)
Plastic Facing Mallet, Standard Handle, 18.5cm, 25mm Diameter, 200 G (1)
Joseph Nasal Rasp, 16cm (1)
Aufricht  Nasal Rasp, 21.5cm, Upward (1)
Cottle Dorsal Scissors, Round Blade, 16cm, Tc (1)
Cottle Nasal Speculum, 13.5cm, 35mm Blade, With Fixation Screw & Fiberoptic (2)
Cottle Septum Elevator, 16cm, 3mm Tip, Sharp (1)
Joseph Periosteal Elevator, 16cm, 4mm Tip (1)
Joseph Periosteal Elevator, 16.5cm, 4mm Tip (1)
Cottle Nasal Knife, 15cm, 4mm Blade, Sharp (1)
Cottle Osteotome Graduated, 18cm, 4mm Tip (1)
Cinelli Chisel, 16cm, 12mm Tip (1)
Cottle Neivert Double Hook Retractor, 21cm, 2 Prongs, Blunt Tip (1)
Fomon Ball End Retractor, 16cm, Standard (1)
Converse Alar Retractor, 12cm, 10mm Blade, Sharp Prong (1)
Iris Scissors, S/S, 9cm, Straight, Standard (1)
Freer Raspatory Elevator, 19cm, 5mm Width, S/S (1)
Joseph Skin Hook, 17cm, 1 Prong (1)
Joseph Skin Hook, 17cm, 2mm 2 Prongs (2)
Gillies Skin Hook Retractor, 19cm (1)
Dressing Forceps, 11.5cm, Serrated (1)
Strabismus Scissors, 11.5cm, Straight, Standard (1)
Strabismus Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved, Tc (1)
Desmarres Eye Lid Retractor, 14cm, 12mm Blade (1)
Castroviejo Caliper, 9cm, 25mm Range (1)
Cottle Columella Forceps, 11cm, 12mm Tip (1)
Hartman Mosquito Forceps, 10cm, Curved, Serrated (1)
Jansen Gruenwald Nasal Polypus Forceps, 16cm, Serrated (1)
Sheehan Osteotome, 16cm, 4mm Tip (1)
Sheehan Osteotome, 16cm, 5mm Tip (1)
Sheehan Osteotome, 16cm, 6mm Tip (1)
Sheehan Osteotome, 16cm, 7mm Tip (1)
Killian Nasal Speculum, 13.5cm, 35mm Blade With Fixation Screw (1)
Foman Dorsal Scissors, Round Blade, 14cm, Tc (1)
Ballenger Swivel Knife, 21cm, Straight, 4mm Tip (1)
Joseph Saw, 19cm, Straight (1)
Schnidt Tonsil Hemostatic Forceps, Half Curved Jaws, 18cm, Open Ring (2)
Maltz Nasal Rasp, 18cm, Down Pull, Tc (1)
Maltz Nasal Rasp, 18cm, Up Push, Tc (1)

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Major Nasal Set (Used with Basic Nasal Set)

SKU MUP-S00 Category

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