The nose is an important feature of our face not just for aesthetic reasons but also for functional aspects. For enhancing both appearance and function of the nose and correcting defects, rhinoplasty is used which is a sensitive and complex surgical procedure.

Nose rasping or a nasal operation needs specialized tools. Nasal rasps and saws are essential instruments in rhinoplasty, allowing for accurate contouring and refinement of the nasal tissues. Surgical Nasal rasps are specifically developed to sculpt bone and cartilage, whereas saws are used for precise bone cutting.

At Alira Medical Devices, we recognize how important these instruments are to surgical success, that’s why we provide a wide selection of high-quality nasal rasps and surgical saws designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of modern rhinoplasty techniques.

Types of Nasal Rasp

There are multiple types of Nasal rasps. The size, shapes, thickness and pointers can be different in each type. Surgeons used them according to their needs.

Luckily your trusted brand Alira has almost all of the important types of nasal rasps and saws. Each of these nasal rasps has specific benefits and applications in rhinoplasty, allowing surgeons to obtain optimal outcomes with precision and efficiency.

Here are some important and often-used nasal rasps of Alira:

  1. Glabella Nasal Rasps

    These nasal rasps are designed for accurate refining of the glabella region and are great for correcting dorsal humps and nasal bridge defects.
  2. Cottle (Parkes) Nasal Rasps

    These nasal rasps are used to shape and contour the nasal dorsum. Cottle Nasal Rasps are versatile instruments in rhinoplasty procedures, especially for improving the nasal profile.
  3. Joseph Nasal Rasps

    These are specialist bone rasps instruments that allow surgeons to correct bony abnormalities and asymmetries in the nasal bones with great control and accuracy.
  4. Lewis Nasal Rasps

    Lewis nasal rasps are specially made for osteotomies and bone reshaping. These are vital instruments for attaining exact symmetry and nasal contouring.
  5. Gubisch Fomon Nasal Rasp

    With also a four-sided version available, this nasal rasps offer surgeons more flexibility in sculpting and honing nasal cartilage and bone.
  6. Parkes Nasal Rasps

    Parkes Nasal Rasps are a mainstay in rhinoplasty procedures because of their ergonomic design and exceptional ability to smooth and sculpt nose outlines.
  7. Maltz Nasal Rasp

    Designed for precise cartilage refinement, Maltz Nasal Rasps give surgeons unmatched control and accuracy when shaping the nose tip.
  8. Aufricht Nasal Rasp

    Aufricht nose rasps have a special downward variation as well. These Nasal Rasps are designed for accurate nose tip refining, enabling minor modifications and improvements to the nasal aesthetic.

Materials used in Alira’s Medical Nasal Rasp

Alira’s Medical Nasal Rasps are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which is noted for its high quality and durability. This stainless steel is rust-free, ensuring longevity and dependability in surgical applications.

Also, it is corrosion-resistant, retaining its integrity even after multiple sterilization treatments.

Alira’s use of surgical-grade stainless steel underlines our dedication to offering high-quality rasp instruments that improve the precision and effectiveness of every surgery.

Why to Choose Alira’s Nasal Rasps

  1. Superior Material Quality

    Our nasal rasps are made of premium surgical-grade stainless steel, which ensures durability, rust resistance, and longevity for consistent performance in every surgery.
  2. Extensive Variation

    Alira provides a diverse range of nasal rasps, including Glabella, Cottle, Joseph, and others, allowing surgeons to select the best instrument for their specific needs.
  3. Nationwide shipping

    We offer rapid and dependable shipping across the United States, ensuring that surgeons have access to our high-quality nasal rasps and surgical saws whenever and wherever they need them.
  4. Endorsed by Medical Professionals

    Alira’s nasal rasps are trusted and recommended by highly qualified medical professionals.
  5. Precision Engineering

    Our nasal rasps are precisely designed and manufactured using precision engineering techniques. In addition, our rasp instruments guarantee top performance and outstanding outcomes from rhinoplasty surgeries.
  6. Devoted Customer care

    Alira is dedicated to providing top-notch customer care and assistance, helping surgeons with any queries or worries they might have regarding our products or how to use them.