Needle Holders



In the complex world of  surgery, learning the technique of suturing is essential. A major part of this ability is the accuracy and control provided by needle holders, which are essential instruments for surgeons. Needle holders are available in a variety of styles, each adapted to specific needs and requirements.

For unmatched control and accuracy during suturing, Alira Medical Devices provides high-quality surgical needle holders made with exceptional care.

Needle holders are crucial surgical tools for precise and safe suturing of wounds.  Micro Needle Holders are used to suture the tissue of an eyeball or other sensitive areas under the microscope. These are used in all medical professions, including general surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and microsurgery, enhancing patient outcomes.

Use of Surgical Needle Holders

  1. Grasping and moving needles while/during suturing.
  2. Providing precision and control to ensure perfect sewing.
  3. In different surgical specializations, tissue and wound closure is facilitated.
  4. Supporting general surgical operations including laparotomy, thoracotomy, and vascular surgery.

Uses of Micro Needle Holders 

  1. Using fine needles in microsurgical operations such as ocular surgery and neurosurgery.
  2. Assisting with delicate suturing procedures for complicated tissues.
  3. Allows for precision suturing in confined places or with limited sight.
  4. Improving the precision and efficacy of suturing in specialist surgical domains.

Materials used in Alira’s surgical needle holders/ needle drivers

Alira Medical Devices takes pride in using only the best quality materials to manufacture our surgical tools. Surgical-grade stainless steel, known for its remarkable durability and rust resistance, is used exclusively throughout our product line, including our needle holders.

This ensures that our instruments retain their integrity even after multiple sterilization treatments, giving surgeons trustworthy tools in the operating room.

Alira’s needle holders, in particular, are precisely designed using precision engineering techniques to provide smooth functioning and exact control throughout suturing procedures.

Alira’s commitment to excellence is evident in every instrument we make, with an emphasis on quality and performance.

Why to Choose Alira’s Needle Holder

  1. Superior Quality Material

    Alira’s needle holders are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability, rust resistance, and lifespan during treatments.
  2. Wide Range

    Alira supplies surgical needle holders adapted to surgeons’ unique needs and tastes, providing a wide range of alternatives or variations.
  3. Nationwide Delivery

    Alira provides nationwide delivery services to ensure the quick and dependable availability of all available surgical instruments.
  4. Endorsed by Leading Medical Professionals

    Medical professionals trust and recommend Alira needle holders for their precision, reliability, and efficacy in surgical settings.
  5. Ergonomic Designs for Comfort and Better Control

    Alira’s needle holders are ergonomically designed to maximize surgeon comfort and control during suturing procedures.
  6. Comprehensive Customer Support

    Alira prioritizes client happiness and offers complete support to address any queries or complaints regarding their goods.
  7. Innovative Features for Enhanced Performance

    Alira needle holders include precision-engineered jaws and smooth ratcheting mechanisms for perfect suturing.
  8. Proven Track Record of Excellence

    Alira has established itself as a reputable provider of surgical tools, earning the faith of medical professionals nationwide. Its reputation is built on quality and reliability