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We reserve the right to make changes to the items and services displayed on this website. Not all of the items and services we offer are available in every location where we do business, and products are not always accessible on the same terms in every location. Our offerings are only available in regions where they are legal.

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Internet Deception, Data Security, and Privacy Policy on our website. Please read our Privacy Policy for details on the types of data we gather when people visit our website, as well as tips on how to keep your personal information safe online. If ever you feel you have been a target of identity fraud concerning an account with us, please inform us right away.

More service arrangements on our website. If you are an Alira Medical Devices customer and use this site to view your account data and make purchases, the contract terms of the specific service will apply in addition to these web pages ‘ terms and conditions. If the agreements, conditions, and disclaimers governing the specific service you get from us conflict with these website terms and conditions, the terms, conditions, and disclosures governing that specific service will take precedence.

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