Dr. Newman’s Comprehensive Face, Eye, Neck Set is a collection of instruments designed to meet the highest standards of quality, ensuring outstanding outcomes for face lift, chin augmentation, otoplasty, and brow lift procedures. By bringing together Dr. Newman’s expertise and our dedication to innovation, Alira Medical Devices has crafted Dr. Newman’s Comprehensive Face, Eye, Neck Set that sets new standards in surgical excellence.

Code Instruments Short Description Qty
SC-102 Spatula Cannula 15cm | 3mm | Fixed handle 1
FST-122 Frazier (Fergusson) Suction Tubes 18cm | 2.5Fr | Without Light Guide 1
S250-016 Cottle Nasal Speculum 15cm | 55mm Blade | Straight | No Fixation Screw 1
AAA-A063 Green Fixation Forceps 10cm | 9mm 1
S113-011 Desmarres Lid Retractor 14cm | 12mm Blade 1
PE-116 Periosteal Elevator 18cm | S-Shaped 1
S147-014 Obwegeser periosteal elevator 16cm | 6mm 1
S20-021 Gorney Freeman Face Lift Scissors 23cm | Open Handle | Straight | Ceramic+SC 1
S20-011 Gorney Freeman Face Lift Scissors 19cm | Open Handle | Straight | TC 1
OS-105 Surgical Operating Scissors 14.5cm | Straight | S/S | TC 1
S03-054 Metzenbaum Fino Scissors 11cm | Curved | TC 1
AAA-0570 Cinelli Rhinoplasty Scissors 11.5cm | Semi Sharp 1
S02-S029 Steven Scissors 11.5cm | Straight | SC | S/S 1
S22-026 Iris Scissors 11.5cm | Curved | SC | S/S 1
S112-011 Senn Miller Retractor 16cm | Blunt Prongs 1
FRR-103 Freeman Rake Retractor 18cm | 22mm | 4 Sharp Prong 1
JSH-108 Joseph Skin Hook 16cm |5mm 2 Prong 1
JSH-107 Joseph Skin Hook 16cm | 7mm 2 Prong 1
S104-011 Guthrie Skin Hook 15cm | Double Prong | 2mm 1
ABR-104 Anderson Bear Claw Retractors 13.5cm| 5 Sharp Prongs 1
MKR-101 Martinez Kilner Retractor 8cm | 10mm Tip 1
AAA-0522 Bishop Harmon Forceps 9cm | 1×2 Teeth | 0.6mm Tip 1
S79-012 Adson Brown Forceps 12cm | 7×7 Teeth 1
S78-012 Adson Forceps 12cm | 1×2 Teeth 0.25mm 1
S78-013 Adson Forceps 12cm | 1×2 Teeth Regular 1
AAA-2767 Heaney Tissue Forceps 18cm , without teeth 1
S100-012 Allis Tissue Forceps 14cm | 4×5 Teeth 1
S100-013 Allis Tissue Forceps 14cm | 5×6 Teeth 1
AAA-0410 Leriche Artery Forceps, 1×2 Teeth 15cm | Straight 2
S38-011 Mosquito Forceps 12cm | Curved 1
AAA-2766 Artery Forceps 22cm | Curved 1
AAA-2765 Willet Placenta Praevia Forceps 19cm l Curved 1
EKB-102 Emesis Kidney Basin 20cm x 9.5cm x 4.5cm 1
SB-104 Sponge Bowl Stainless Steel 19cm x 7.5cm 1
GLP-101 Gallipot 4cm x 5cm 2
BTC-101 Backhaus Towel Clamp 9cm 4
BSC-103 Ball and Socket Clamp 16cm 4
AAA-2764 Surgical Tray 30cm x 20cm 1
S51-010 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 14cm | Standard 1
S51-015 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 18cm | TC 1
S51-019 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 24cm | TC 1
AAA-2768 Tongue Depressor with Hollow Handle 20cm 1
TDWF-101 Tongue Depressor With Flat Handle 11.5cm x 20mm 1
RRC-101 Ribbon Retractor For Chin Implant 18mm x 70mm x 16cm 1
ELR-101 Unique Ear Lobe Retractor With Weight 12cm | Weight 30mm x 17mm 1
RED-102 Ramirez Endoforehead Parietal Elevator, #3 26.5cm 1
S175-010 Castroviejo Caliper 9cm | 25mm 1
EBR-104 Endo Brow Elevator 22cm | Curved 1
S131-011 Alm Self Retaining Retractor 10cm | Blunt 1
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SKU DRJM-100 Category

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